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Running a Really Big MySql File Without SSH

I ran into a situation today that left me no sysadmin way to restore a database on a remote host. No SSH with tech support looking into it. The file was huge compressed and did not play nice with phpmyadmin. Impatient, I thought why not a programmer solution, so 8 minutes later the restore was Continue Reading

AppMagic for WP – Common Functions

In the \Mbx\System namespace you may find useful: This value is always available in the API as $data[‘uid’]. Recursively removes dir and contents Sends an HTML email. $recipients can be a string if single or an array of addresses. Any valid address format. Creates a settings system table for your module.$setting is your FeatureModule name. Continue Reading

FeatureModule Admin Pages

In order to give your FeatureModule an admin page(s) you need a Page.php file that looks something like this: Each page must have a function named the same as the feature in the admin link. Your apage is always your FeatureModule name. Currently the only menu choices are crm, map and help.

FeatureModule Hooks

A FeatureModule can handle a hook by implementing a function named the same as the hook with the signature matching the data returned. In this case we are handling the AfterRetsUpdate event. Note that this method reuses an API method. In order to do that MBX_CODE_API is defined to 1. The class must implement \Mbx\Entity\IMbxHooks. Implementing Continue Reading

FeatureModule API

Implementing your API is a simple matter. The required file is frontend.php. Simply change SiteMap to your FeatureModule name and SiteMapApi to YourModuleNameApi and thats it. Calling from the client can be

FeatureModule Explained

So what is a FeatureModule? A FeatureModule is a fast and simple way to extend code without hacking into core code. Again, extend code without any manual edits to make the next update work. The mbx system incorporated in the code is, itself, an extension of our AppMagic for WordPress plugin. Enough with the history Continue Reading

Visual Studio Cordova Tools – The adventure begins

Recently we have shifted focus towards multi-device hybrid app support. Primarily this means using Apache Cordova to package Javascript/HTML5 apps for native platforms Android/IOS/Windows Phone. The easiest way to get that up and running is Visual Studio 2013 or the Visual Studio 2015 preview. Did I mention that the Community Edition of Visual Studio 2013 (essentially Continue Reading

Exception in HttpConnection Execute: Invalid HTTP response The operation has timed out – might be the truth!

So I’m in the midst of the first beta of the AppMagic Ecommerce module with an actual customer wanting to license the dll as is and roll his own cart from it. It’s 10pm and I am doing some simulations of Paypal payment failure scenarios. I pushed a day’s worth of changes to TFS and Continue Reading

MagicBox Server 2.0

Mike’s Magic Box Server is now Magic Box Server 2.0 This move represents merging of the product lines at the 2.0 milestone. Only the names are changing.