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Print Queue Cleaner 2.0


Print Queue Cleaner 2.0, the next generation of our widely acclaimed Swiss army knife of a stuck printer utility, has been completely rewritten on top of the latest MBX ZeroRT runtime library for exceptional portability and the ability to run on even a seriously crippled system.

The Print Queue Cleaner 1.x line has been helping hundreds of thousands of people unstick frozen printers for over 3 years. It is widely featured on tech media and included in some popular technician tool kit collections. The primary function and motivation behind the tool has been to clear documents that refuse to delete from the print queue essentially disabling the printer. Over time we have added features as we isolated coexisting problems and the causes of the problem to begin with. 2.0 is no different and continues to add useful features for users while keeping the cost at FREE!

The new features include:

  • Added functionality to fix some print spooler startup problems “Print Spooler is not running” errors. This check runs automatically at program startup.
  • Added useful feedback to the user in the event the print spooler refuses to stay running.
  • Added a super simple installer for the current user or all users eliminating the multi-step traditional installer tedium.
  • Added an offline Howto to the Help menu.
  • Added a growing list of FAQs to the online printer help links.
  • Removed the .NET dependency.
  • Added support for custom print queues in the event the IT guy or your grandson set one up.
  • Enabled test functions for virtual printers like XPS, PDF and Fax.
  • And some general improvements like multi-threading and other boring stuff.
  • Added a new video tutorial.
  • Reduced the size a little from 32k to 31k.

The print Queue Cleaner 2.0 is simply better than ever and available for download at our freeware site MikesMagicBox.com.

Here is the video tutorial: