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FeatureModule Hooks

A FeatureModule can handle a hook by implementing a function named the same as the hook with the signature matching the data returned. In this case we are handling the AfterRetsUpdate event.

namespace SiteMap\Extensibility;

class SiteMapHooks implements \Mbx\Entity\IMbxHooks{
    public static function GetInstance(){
        return new SiteMapHooks();
    public function AfterRetsUpdate($data){
            define ('MBX_CODE_API', 1);
        $invoke = array();
        $invoke['controller'] = 'SiteMap';
        $invoke['action'] = 'RenderSiteMap';
        $invoke['data'] = $data;
        include_once MBX_BASE_SYSTEM_PATH.'index.php';

Note that this method reuses an API method. In order to do that MBX_CODE_API is defined to 1.
The class must implement \Mbx\Entity\IMbxHooks. Implementing GetInstance() will satisfy that.
The namespace must be YourFeatureModuleName\Extensibility.

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Name: Mike Morris