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MBX Network Ferret

MBX Network Ferret is a full featured network scanner that scans your LAN to find devices, network services and shares and connect you to those resources – FAST.

Backed by at least 1 full time developer and employing a user driven system of development Magic Box Software can bring you not only a great network scanning tool, but also new features you need – FAST – just ask.

Try the FREE edition to see just how simple, fast and effective Network Ferret is in your environment.

MBX Network Ferret Personal and MBX Network Ferret Pro offer additional features as detailed below.

Edition Comparison

  • Network Ferret Editions

  • Detect network devices
  • Classify devices (experimental)
  • Detect remote connections
  • Detect web servers
  • Detect SSH, FTP, DNS, Telnet
  • Detect shared folders
  • Detect shared printers
  • Export scan
  • Connect to detected resources
  • Select apps to open services
  • Basic Network tools
  • Forum Support
  • Scan any connected subnet
  • Scan ALL connected subnets*
  • Priority email support
  • Send test page to RAW printer
  • Totally Portable
  • Detect SMTP @ POP mail servers
  • Send feature requests in UI
  • Fixed upgrade pricing**
  • Next 2 major versions FREE
* Personal and Pro editions can scan all connected subnets in a single scan.
** Pro version license includes next 2 major version upgrades free. Beyond that your price will never go up for upgrades regardless of retail price.