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Magic Box software kicks off itsĀ Software Under a Buck product with the release of the Network Printer Mechanic.

NPM solves a not so uncommon problem in the home and SOHO network printer world where the printer and computer no longer communicate. There a handful of ways this communication can be lost and a number of snares and pitfalls repairing the lost connection. From power outages to moves to network changes events can, from time to time, sever the link between PC and network printer. As with all of our products we make it simple for even the lest technical user to solve this problem in a minute or less. Want to see how easy it is? Take a minute and watch the video tutorial. Make sure to read the few limitations and our guarantee below the video before you risk 99 cents!

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It really is that simple.

The Network Printer Mechanic does not yet fix problems with IPP or Internet printers. Many consumer and prosumer models offer this functionality. IPP printers use http://address or https://address to connect and you would have used an address like that to set it up.

This brings us to the guarantee. We guarantee, barring a hardware failure, that NPM will fix what it claims. If, for whatever reason, it does not perform as claimed we offer something better than a money back guarantee on $.99. We will walk you through manually fixing the problem. This policy isn’t entirely altruistic since our goal is to learn everything there is to know about printer failures so we can add it to our program. On the other hand we feel the greatest thing in the world is knowing we really helped someone out of a jam. In fact the only reason we charge $.99 is our kids have become accustomed to eating and sleeping indoors.

NPM includes the core functionality of our Print Queue Cleaner that has helped hundreds of thousands of people distributed free on our other site MikesMagicBox.com. We look forward to helping you and will continue to develop programs that make things better when bad things happen to good people.